signature blends

parTEA with me

First 13 Exclusive Signature Tea Blends

Anniversary Dessert

“the best panna cotta I ever had”

white tea ~ passion fruit ~ vanilla

:: Celebrating our wedding anniversary at the Peruvian restaurant behind the beach we go to every month, I spotted the panna cotta on the dessert menu.  Even better, it had the words “lilikoi” next to it.  (passion fruit from Hawaii)  That choice was a no brainer!  My favorite dessert of ALL TIME.  Why not make it into a tea!?  ~Cheryl ::


“a time when life was simpler”

rooibos ~ lavender ~ mint ~ crème

:: Drink yourself to a time when life was simpler.  When right was right, wrong was wrong, and life moved at a pace where a person could truly appreciate a great cuppa tea!  ~Sarah ::

Somewhere in Monterey

“the best part of a meal from a nowhere place”

honeybush ~ rum ~ pear

:: After taking our kids to a reggae festival in Monterey, CA, (big mistake by the way, but they had fun!) we were starved for dinner.  We went to this place that we thought was a place we go to all the time.  When we got there, we were so wrong!  Nothing we ordered was good.  THEN-  they brought out the brie cheese + poached pear…  Gahh!  We would’ve licked the plate-  if that was dignified. The Huz + I thought those flavors would make a good tea.  Uhh, YEAH!  ~Cheryl ::

Sweater and Boots

“the reason to celebrate the autumn season”

rooibos ~ pumpkin ~ mocha

:: If you know me, you know I’m in a relationship with pumpkin-flavored anything!!  There’s a pumpkin tea at one of my favorite tea houses, that I wouldn’t dare try to duplicate.  However, for all my pumpkin mocha-lovers that get excited when fall comes around, this is the tea for you!  Yo welcome!  Hehe.  ~Cheryl ::

Sarah Grey

“the perfect earl grey”


:: After searching high and low for 20 years for the perfect earl grey, all hope was lost…till she created it and decided to share it with the world.  After, of course, taking steps to protect this super-secret blend!  ~Sarah ::

Summer in a Cup

“we’ve got your nostalgic flavors covered”

rooibos ~ pineapple ~ passion fruit

:: Here is our tribute to the season that everyone chases.  It doesn’t last nearly as long as anyone would like, so we had to create that blend to remind us that even in the dead of winter, summer is only a cup away.  ~Sarah ::

Queen Bee

‘’cause she knows what she wants”

honeybush ~ rose ~ rum

:: You know her.  She’s that woman who lets nothing stand in her way.  She knows what she wants.  She knows how to get it.  When her sights are dialed in, there are no excuses and no is not an option.  She is the queen bee, and this cuppa embodies her spirit!  ~Sarah ::


Green Mermaid

“a tribute to one of my favorite coffee drinks”

rooibos ~ chestnut ~ pecan

:: I can’t say I love coffee as much as I love tea…  But, when a certain coffee drink is in season, that truth becomes a little foggy!  This isn’t exactly like it, but oh is it brilliant.  ~Cheryl ::

Mrs. Pie

“the parts that make up ME”

black tea ~ cherry ~ mocha

:: Those that know me, know why this blend makes sense.  Makes for a pretty good tea, too!  ~Cheryl ::

Islander Style

“search for seashells and find your smile”

rooibos ~ mango

:: Bask in the warmth of the sun and sand.  Search for sea shells and find your smile.  Hide under the palms during the rains.  Grin as you overhear your children giggle.  Share secrets with the covers pulled over your head.  Sip tea.  Walk barefoot.  Thank God for it all.  That’s how it’s done Islander Style.  ~Sarah ::

The City

“a drink I order every time I’m in my favorite restaurant”

black tea ~ black currant

:: When I go out to eat, I almost always order water to drink.  Except at this place.  It’s my all time favorite restaurant.  Guess where?!  And, I HAVE to order their black currant iced tea.  And-  my first sip is so beautiful each time, like I’ve never had it before!  ~Cheryl ::

parTEA Perfection

“a piece of homemade bark”

rooibos ~ banana ~ chocolate ~ cinnamon

:: My best friend in high school, became a chocolatier (among other yummy treats).  She sent me this wonderful chocolate bark that had banana pieces in it.  Every single time I passed that box, I had to break a piece to enjoy!  I knew I wanted to create a tea with banana, so here’s my translation of that amazing box of bark!  ~Cheryl ::


“years of dating lead to this”

rooibos ~ vanilla ~ chocolate

:: We celebrate our Dating Anniversary ever year, too.  On our thirteenth, my husband (who is parTEA with me’s Logistics) had this special blend created just for me.  I can hear all the “aww’s” now!  This wonderful tea definitely had to be part of our first 13.  ~Cheryl ::