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Having toured tea houses in the greater San Francisco Bay Area, Cheryl + Sarah have sampled hundreds of different combinations of tea.  As their knowledge and interest in tea houses has grown, this unique pair set out to introduce ~YOU~ to storytelling tea flavors and the convenience of tea party delicacies.  They pride themselves on being the choice company to deliver quality tea party experience with Ooh Girl Cuppas!

Cheryl Lynn C. Valdriz, Co-Owner/Creative Director ( – Being bedridden for 8-months + hospitalized 20 times for Hyperemesis Gravidarum during her last pregnancy, while scrolling through her friend’s tea party baby shower pictures on Facebook, Cheryl fell in love with the setting + shabby chic-ness of tea parties!  As soon as her baby let her, Cheryl hosted her very first tea party at the nearest tea house.  Her existing love for tea grew stronger (pun intended!).  After frequenting there for some time, Cheryl became interested in what else was out there.  She researched a dozen tea houses around the Bay Area, and asked her girlfriends if they wanted to come with.  parTEA with me -California Tea House Tour- was born!  Encouraged to blog about their journey, soon tens of readers became thousands!  [For full details + reviews from the Tour, visit]  Always wanting to pour her bursting creativity into even bigger outlets, Cheryl came to Sarah with this idea.  A vintage trailer + a bento box later…here we are!!


Sarah F. Murphy, Co-Owner/Business Manager ( – Always present during the Tea House Tour, Sarah (also known as The Earl Grey Gal) has an extensive background in tea herself.  It all started when she attended her first afternoon tea in her early 20’s.  Everything from the fascinator hats to the gloves, struck a chord in her heart.  It was at that moment in her life she decided if she ever had girls she would teach them poise and grace not by sending them to cotillion, but by taking them to Tea.  When her daughters reached the age of 7, the afternoon tea tradition with the Murphy Girls was established!  From there, she hunted high and low for the ever elusive “perfect cup of earl grey”.  When it could not be found, her signature blend was created.


Processing Times

We pride ourselves on giving you the perfect Ooh Girl Cuppa each time, every time.  Our Signature Tea Blends are handcrafted when you place your order to ensure the best possible flavor.  Although we strive to have your tea sent to you in the quickest manner possible, please allow 7-10 business days for your blend to be created.


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