parTEA blends

parTEA with me

The Country

“the path of an honest day’s work”

honeybush ~ rose ~ lemon ~ mint

:: She chooses the dirt road.  It’s never led her astray, and always got her to where she needed to be.  It’s not the path to least resistance, and it’s not supposed to be, but it is the path of an honest day’s work she can be proud of.  Especially when she finishes her day with a cup that reflects everything that she is and was meant to be.  ~Sarah ::


“my first mixed drink”

white tea ~ strawberry ~ piña colada

:: It was my first time in Hawaii.  Of course, we attended a luau.  It was open bar, BUT I was under 21.  Still, I went to order a drink without alcohol in it.  When the bartender asked me for my I.D., I got nervous!  Instead of telling him I ordered the non-alcoholic version, I immediately blurted out “No, I’m a virgin!!”  Ayyyy.  ~Cheryl ::