bay area blends

parTEA with me

A is for Oakland

“our nod to the Oakland A’s”

green tea ~ lemon ~ coconut

:: “As the only girl among all my boy cousins, I did a lot of ‘little boy’ things so to speak when I was younger.  Like: build clubhouses, collect spiders, and trade baseball cards.  One of my treasured memories is playing baseball outside my gramma’s front yard!  And, guess what team we ALWAYS were?!  Yes, the A’s.  My most prized possession??  Only my collector’s Upper Deck Jose Canseco baseball card, of course!!”  ~Cheryl ::

:: “In an attempt to interest me in sports, my older brother introduced me to the world of collecting baseball cards.  Some of my fondest memories were spending hours at a baseball card shop in Hayward, called Spaces.  The first card in my first pack was a Rated Rookie A’s player.  I asked the owner what it meant.  He said it means that you hold on to that card for a long time.  And, it was something I’ll never forget.”  ~Sarah ::

P.S.  Sarah and I did not grow up together!  What an amazing coincidence that both our stories include baseball cards!!


“our nod to the San Francisco Giants”

black tea ~ chocolate ~ orange

Golden Blue Bridge

“our nod to the Golden State Warriors”

honeybush ~ lemon ~ blueberry

Black and Teal

“our nod to the San Jose Sharks”

green tea ~ blueberry ~ vanilla

:: “I had never been to a hockey game before.  My husband’s company used to be VIP ticket holders for all Bay Area arenas, so they could host new clientele to any game of their liking.  If the clients passed, those tickets were up for grabs.  The Huz scored four 2nd row tickets to one of the Sharks home games, which means our humble family of 4 would be able to attend.  We had never experienced anything like it!  We could literally see the sweat dripping from the team’s faces!!  My favorite part was seeing my kids’ thrill, as we would have never been able to afford this sort of treatment on our own.  We QUICKLY became San Jose Sharks fans!  (and I became Marc-Edouard Vlasic’s newest number 1 fan!!)”  ~Cheryl ::

Autumn Wind

“our nod to the Oakland Raiders”

black tea ~ rum ~ mocha

Cali Gold

“our nod to the San Francisco 49ers”

rooibos ~ cranberry ~ honey

:: “There’s an ongoing joke that my father wasn’t at my birth, because I was born on the day that the Niners first played in the Super Bowl!  Being San Francisco residents, my Grandmother, then Daddy, raised us as Forty-Niner Fans.  All 4 of us had enough 49er gear to create full wardrobes!  Various types of paraphernalia filled curio cabinets that lined the walls of our home.  And, I wasn’t to dare say the word ‘Raiders’ in our house!!  Even though I’ve never understood football, I’ve always known who to root for!”  ~Cheryl ::