Islander Style

Islander Style


“search for seashells and find your smile”

rooibos ~ mango

Qty: 1 (13 individual servings or 50g loose leaf tea)

Directions: Steep 5-7 minutes boiling water.



Product Description

Ingredients: Rooibos, Natural Organic Flavorings, Calendula, Mango/Apple, Rose Hips/Petals, Hibiscus

“Bask in the warmth of the sun and sand.  Search for seashells and find your smile.  Hide under the palms during the rains.  Grin as you hear your children giggle.  Share secrets with the covers pulled over your head.  Sip tea.  Walk barefoot.  Thank God for it all.  That’s how it’s done Islander Style.”  ~Sarah


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13 Individual Servings, 50g Loose Leaf Tea