Somewhere in Monterey

Somewhere in Monterey


“the best part of a meal from a nowhere place”

honeybush ~ rum ~ pear

Qty: 1 (13 individual servings or 50g loose leaf tea)

Directions: Steep 5-7 minutes boiling water.



Product Description

Ingredients: Honeybush, Natural Organic Flavorings, Calendula, Sunflower Petals, Blackberry Leaves

“After taking our kids to a reggae festival in Monterey, CA (big mistake by the way, but we had fun!) we were starved for dinner.  We went to this place that we thought was a restaurant we go to all the time.  When we got there, we were so wrong!  Nothing we ordered was good.  THEN, they brought out the brie cheese + poached pear…  Gahh!  We would’ve licked the plate-  if that was dignified.  The Huz + I thought those flavors would make a good tea.  Uhh, YEAH!”  ~Cheryl

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13 Individual Servings, 50g Loose Leaf Tea